Black and minority owned businesses have a huge impact in their community. Small businesses tend to give back to their neighborhoods. They provide hope and opportunity for many minorities. Everyone should support black-owned businesses as a stepping stone in decreasing the unemployment rates and poverty level of minorities.

Why black-owned businesses should be supported

  • Employment – Small businesses provide employment opportunities to local constituents. Black-owned businesses aim to educate and employ minorities and can make huge differences in their local communities.
  • Strengthens the economy – Contributing to the growth of black-owned businesses can be accomplished by simply opting to invest or becoming a patron.
  • Community outreach – Minority-owned businesses tend to generate community involvement from local political and developmental programs geared toward assisting low-income individuals or families.

Do not blindly invest in any business. Perform thorough research on all black-owned businesses that are accessible to you by travel or via the internet. These businesses usually generate retail sales of high in demand or trending products. Browse through product and customer service reviews to add or take away from their credibility. Purchasing or acquiring services from well-established businesses guarantees growth of the business and community.

3 ways to support black-owned businesses

  • Loyal customers – Remain a faithful client if the products and services are high quality and worth their cost. The retainment of patrons will maintain a certain level of profit.
  • Network – Share your positive experience with black-owned businesses across your social networks. Spreading the word helps recruit new clients. It will also help in the development of the company’s reputation.
  • Donate – Most black-owned businesses are self funded due to the complicated bank loan processes. Donations are always a welcomed way to support and fuel these businesses.

Finding black-owned businesses

The opening or development of a small business is not usually widely advertised. It has become easier to locate them due to technology trends. They can be located via mobile applications. Some black-owned businesses also use mobile apps as a means of distribution and service. This option encourages even the busiest patrons to self educate themselves on the company and their products, which enables them to make informed purchasing decisions.