When you are applying for a job, the most important thing that you are going to want to do is stand out from the other candidates. Odds are that you will not be the only one applying for the position. There will be many others that you have to compete against and all of them may have qualifications that rival or even out-match yours. This scenario is where standing out from amongst the competition is vital. Companies will have no problem throwing your resume by the wayside if you do not have anything unique or compelling to offer them. To avoid being lost amongst the large crowd of applicants, here are some tips to stand out when applying for a position.

Show off your skills

It is one thing to list your skills on a resume, but can you adequately show the company you are applying to first hand? You can take advantage of an online portfolio and upload media and other relevant files that help suit your case. You cannot merely just state that you have strong writing skills. Submit some samples for the company to feed on to get an adequate understanding. This step shows that you are a person that does not just talk the talk, but you walk the walk as well. It may feel like you’re bragging to put yourself and your talents out there, but you’re merely showcasing the hard work you’ve done and proving you actually have the skills you’re advertising.

Be bold

Let’s face it, there are going to be a lot of applicants who give standard answers to standard interview questions, which turns many companies off once they meet an endless trail of mundane applicants. What you must do is stand out, and this step is where you have to put your foot down and prepare to be bold. Ask straightforward questions about what the company’s expectations are for you. Ask about their goals. Give them a firm understanding of why you are perfect for the job and show you’re actually interested in the position and thoughtful about the company and its mission.

Address pain points

If you need to write some form of a cover letter, consider turning it into a way to focus on a pain point for the company, a “pain letter.” A “pain letter” is when you can identify a problem the company is currently facing and how you would be able to go about solving said problem. If there is one thing that attracts a business to a particular candidate, it is the candidate that shows they’re capable of solving issues in a timely manner. This trait shows that you did your homework and are reliable.