One of the best ways to maintain or increase the success of your business is to give your employees a voice. When an employee is able to freely give feedback, share new ideas, and suggest new ways of working, then not only do you benefit from that insight but your employees feel valued and motivated to work harder. The best way to give your employees a voice is through the use of satisfaction surveys. These surveys allow employees to provide feedback and ideas, often anonymously, that they may not feel comfortable doing otherwise. These surveys make it easier to ensure employees are satisfied at your company.

Satisfaction surveys

A satisfaction survey is a way to gauge the opinion of your employees and get their feedback on various issues or concerns that may have. When crafting a satisfaction survey, the first thing that you should consider is what kind of information you want to gather. For example, do you want to know more about your employees’ happiness with their jobs and the company as a whole? Or, are you looking for information about how to improve aspects of the company, production, or the way things operate?

The kind of satisfaction survey you create depends wholly on what information you want to get back from employees. You could even devise several different kinds of satisfaction surveys to cover a wide variety of different topics. As short surveys work better, think about creating a survey on employee happiness, on how to improve the business, and even an open-ended survey where the employee can decide what they want to share.

Benefits and drawbacks of satisfaction surveys

Perhaps the only drawback of a satisfaction survey is that you have to prepare yourself for the unvarnished truth. Surveys can reveal problems you didn’t know you had, including employees unhappy with their salaries or their supervisors.

However, the benefits of a satisfaction survey far outweigh any drawbacks. Employees often don’t feel as if they have a voice in their company. When they do feel as if they are listened to, they are more willing to work harder and feel more loyalty toward the business. A satisfaction survey can also give the hard data you need to address any widespread problems or concerns.

Administrating satisfaction surveys

There are several ways you can administer a satisfaction survey. You can hire an outside consultant to create and give the survey. They can also help you understand the results as well as assist you with any follow-up. If you want to design your own, SurveyMonkey is an online platform that allows you to design your own survey, and your employees can fill it out online.