FAQ Page on Diversity & Education

Dr. Floyd Williams, an education professional, has years of experience working in the public education system. He is now looking to use his talents to work with educators as a consultant and help them improve their own skills and find ways to help students reach their goals. Dr. Williams is also passionate about how businesses can work to make their companies more inclusive, which is also an important consideration in education.

How can we see more diversity in education?

The most important step to take in order to encourage more diversity in education is through making sure educators understand how to connect with students and help them identify the career path they most want to take. If we want to see a greater diversity in teachers and administrators, we need to identify the students who would fit these positions well and encourage their interests and point them toward that career path. It’s also important that educators create strong mentoring relationships with students in order to show them positive influencers from people in these positions and ensure that they successfully pursue their chosen career paths. Mentorship has a multitude of benefits, especially in urban areas where schools often lack the resources of other districts.

How can a business work on gaining more diverse applicants?

If you feel that your business is not gaining a diverse pool of applicants when you post a new job, it’s time to start tapping into new networks. Think about how you advertise for the position; do you only post on LinkedIn or specific job sites? You should also be posting in print form, advertising at local businesses, or talking to recruiters. It can also be helpful to tap your current employees and encourage them to refer people to apply for the job. There are endless benefits to a business when they have a diverse group of employees, so work on increasing yours today.

What can you do in the workplace to continue increasing diversity?

Even after you hire a more diverse group of employees, you need to keep up your efforts. Keep working on recruiting diverse employees, but also cultivate your office culture. You want your employees to feel happy and comfortable where they work, so creating programs like affinity groups or mentorship opportunities is a great way to help employees grow their skills and careers.