Disabilities come in many forms; some are visible while others are not. Some cause a person problems only on occasion, while others are ones that people have to live with 24/7. Regardless of the disability, it’s important that a workplace is inclusive of employees who deal with them. If you’re a business owner or in some other leadership position at your company, it’s up to you to make sure that your company provides adequate support to employees with disabilities. Here are some ways you can make your office more friendly to those with disabilities.

Encourage communication

If you have employees working for your company who have disabilities, make sure you’re open to communication. Encourage employees to come to management or human resources with any suggestions or issues they have. Practicing good, general communication habits in the office makes any kind of communication easier. Ensuring that all employees feel comfortable voicing ways that the office could be improved to fit their needs is the best way to set your company up to support employees with disabilities.

Have well-trained HR

If you want to adequately support your employees with disabilities, you need to have human resource professionals familiar with laws that affect employees with disabilities and how your company can better assist them. Well-trained HR professionals know how to provide employees with the assistance they need and make the workplace as friendly as possible.

Optimize technology

Thankfully, there is lots of technology that’s been developed that can assist with a variety of disabilities. With thoughtful research and communication, you can fill your workplace with assistive technology to help employees from all backgrounds. There’s an endless amount of technology out there that can facilitate even the smallest changes and make life easier for those living and working with disabilities.

Train all employees

Whether or not you currently have employees with disabilities working for your company, you should take the time to train all employees on the laws associated with disabilities, any assistance your company provides, and resources they can pursue if they would become disabled. Keeping employees trained makes your workplace an open place for all kinds of people and also provides them with the knowledge they may find useful.

Try to attract all kinds of employees

If you truly want a company that supports employees with disabilities, you need to work to attract all kinds of employees to your company. As you work to make the workplace friendly to those with disabilities, make sure you talk about those changes. Let people know you want to work with and help employees with disabilities and you’ll be able to attract a variety of fantastic employees.